Thursday, October 18, 2012

Diesel Pricing in India: Entangled in Policy Maze

NIPFP Working Paper 108

Mukesh Kumar Anand
October 2012


This paper identifies the important economic activities that use diesel and discusses the contribution of those sectors in GDP. Other important petroleum products and, their limited substitution possibility in the extant technological setting are highlighted. The modal-mix for transportation in India is also discussed. The relevant policy agenda for diesel in the vision statement for hydrocarbon sector is presented along with a summary on evolution of petroleum products pricing regimes. The importance of petroleum taxes for public finance at the federal and provincial levels is discussed in the context of wider reforms in administration of taxes. The impact of changes in diesel and / or petroleum prices, including taxes and subsidies, is explored along a few dimensions. Cost of diesel (and / or petroleum products) as a proportion of total cost of production is presented for certain users / sectors, and some suggestions on reform imperatives are offered.

Bihar: What Went Wrong? And What Changed?

NIPFP Working Paper 107

Arnab Mukherji and Anjan Mukherji
September 2012